L-Tyrosine 500mg


Lamberts Healthcare L-Tyrosine 500mg, 60 capsules

LambertsĀ® L-Tyrosine is presented as a free-form amino acid for maximum absorption. Each capsule provides a full 500mg of L-Tyrosine.

Amino acids are classified as either essential or non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesised in the body and must be obtained from the diet, whereas non-essential amino acids, whilst still essential for health, can be synthesised in the body and are therefore not classified as ‘essential’.

Tyrosine is considered a non-essential amino acid because the body can make it from phenylalanine but it is also obtained from high protein foods such as cheese, chicken, fish and soya.

L-Tyrosine should not be used with MAO inhibitors (a type of antidepressant medicine).
This product is not recommended for children, or pregnant or lactating women.


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